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It's time for the kids to learn some magic! This crash course workshop is suitable for kids ages 6-10 years of age. Usually done in a living room or classroom type setting with a maximum of 15 kids. After taking the Oath of Secrecy, kids will learn card magic, coin magic, basic sleight hand and a whole lot more.

Package includes the following:

1. Make It Happen Magic Show (Interactive Magic and Comedy Show with Ventriloquism Act, running time approx. 40 mins)

2. Make It Happen Magic Kit (includes deck of cards, ropes, and magic props)

3. Birthday Magic Workshop Certificate (for all participants)

4. Services good for 3 hour max.





Booking the Birthday Party Magic Workshop should be done 1 month in advance. Magic items/props subjected to change without prior notice or depending on items availability.

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